Guiding the
future of
health care.

Office of the CEO

Lloyd H. Dean

Chief Executive Officer

Kevin E. Lofton

Chief Executive Officer

Executive Leadership Team

Paul Edgett III

Chief Business Lines Officer

Charlie Francis

Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer

Thomas Kopfensteiner, STD

Chief Mission Officer

Mitch Melfi, Esq. JD

Chief Legal Officer

Daniel Morissette, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Marvin O’Quinn

President and Chief Operating Officer

Darryl Robinson

Chief Human Resources Officer

Kathleen Sanford, DBA, RN

Chief Nursing Officer

Elizabeth Shih

Chief Administrative Officer (supporting Lloyd Dean)

Bruce Swartz

Senior Vice President, Physician Enterprise

Patricia Webb

Chief Administrative Officer (supporting Kevin Lofton)

Robert Wiebe, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Laura Young-Shehata

SVP, Enterprise Healthcare IT Services, Office of the Chief Information Officer

Denis Zerr

SVP, Information Technology Services, Office of the Chief Information Officer

Board of Stewardship Trustees