A more just health system

At CommonSpirit, we believe everyone has the right to be healthy. We know our health shouldn’t depend on our zip code, economic status, or the color of our skin. Together we have a chance to  create a more just health care system across the country that improves physical, social, and mental health through better access and more equitable outcomes. 

We envision an approach to providing health care that solves health needs proactively and holistically and achieves more equitable health outcomes. As one of the nation’s largest nonprofit health care organizations, CommonSpirit is uniquely positioned to lead this work in our communities.

Racial injustice and health disparities

CommonSpirit is acting to address systemic inequities experienced by Black, Indigenous, People of Color, as well as vulnerable and underserved populations including Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer communities.

The first steps we are taking include expanding access to care in underserved communities; improving how we track outcomes by race, ethnicity and language as well as by sexual orientation and gender identity; expanding implicit and unconscious bias training; growing programs that address the social determinants of health to remove barriers to good health; and further diversifying our leadership, workforce, and suppliers.

CommonSpirit also supports a range of community health programs, research programs, virtual care services, and home health programs addressing the root causes of poor health such as access to quality care and health equity, affordable housing, safe neighborhoods, and a healthy environment.

Creating a more diverse workforce

CommonSpirit is committed to creating a diverse healthcare workforce that reflects the distinct communities we serve.  We are supporting our workforce without regard to race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin or economic status.  We are prioritizing cultural competency, training all employees to provide care that is highly sensitive to the concerns of those whom society marginalizes.  

We have entered into a historic 10-year, $100 million dollar partnership that will increase development of Black and minority physicians by ensuring that a minimum of 300 additional underrepresented providers complete their residency training.

CommonSpirit in partnership with Morehouse School of Medicine will establish regional medical school campuses across our footprint and graduate medical education programs in our markets. 

Community health programs

A community is not healthy until everyone is healthy. At CommonSpirit, we are investing to create stronger communities where we live, work, learn, and pray.

We seek to weave better health into every part of our society so that more people and places can prosper. Because only when our health is strong can we begin to grow stronger.


Environmental stewardship

We firmly believe that what’s good for the planet is good for the patient.

We all need clean air to breathe and clean water to drink to be healthy.

As a health system that’s committed to improving health for all communities, our 140 hospitals and hundreds of care sites are achieving significant sustainability goals with evidence-based, practical changes. 


Violence and human trafficking

Violence is an epidemic that kills tens of thousands of Americans every year and injures millions more (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2019).

Trafficking in persons is a particular type of violence that is pervasive yet widely misunderstood. Health care workers will come into contact with an estimated 80% of human trafficking victims at some point during the course of a victim’s trafficking.

We are leveraging education and humanity to save lives and make a difference in our communities. We will continue to take a stand.